My Family’s Hero


Life can change within a matter of seconds.

That’s the thought that keeps running through my head. I had said that to a friend a week before Willie got sick about his mother slipping into a coma after falling on ice. It’s crazy that those same words would ring true to my life the very next week. It has been about two weeks since I learned that my life would change forever. That I would be losing one of the most important people to me; my sister’s dad, Willie. He’s the only man that has been a true father to me. The man that I assumed would walk me down the aisle one day and be my children’s grandpa. It’s hard to know that that will never happen…

Willie was such a great man. Here’s the thing, Willie isn’t my biological father.  He’s my sister Chelsie’s dad. He never once made me feel like I wasn’t though. He always called me his kid, always told people I was his daughter. There was one time that I got into an argument with someone and they passively kept implying he wasn’t my father. I remember when Chelsie told him. He got so angry and said “no one talks to my daughter that way.” I don’t know if he knew this, but times like that, and hearing him say that made my heart smile.  He didn’t have to claim my brother and me, or buy us gifts, and make it to school stuff for us, but he did.  We are so blessed to have had such an amazing man in our lives.   I am truly thankful for the countless memories I have with Willie. He was seriously the best dad and friend to me and my siblings. 

He told the best stories at parties with my family and was always the life of the party. There have been countless times that my mom would make me mad and I would call Willie and tell on her. Lol. He always had my back. I always got off the phone feeling better with him, knowing someone was in my corner. More than anything, I am proud of the person he was. Since he had been in the hospital there were numerous people that stopped by whether they were friends or people that worked at the hospital that talked about what a good man Willie was. One of the nurses that did his dialysis told us that he bought the whole staff lunch while he was still well. Also, some of the dialysis patients told us he bought everyone that was going to dialysis Christmas presents this year. How amazing is that? Seriously. I am honored that I had Willie in my life and could call him my dad.

               It is stories like that will keep my family pushing and make it through this hard time. He was such an awesome person. Those last few days as I went into the hospital every day, I have solace that he heard me. I couldn’t express my gratitude enough, and I couldn’t tell him I loved him enough. The fact of the matter is that tomorrow isn’t promised so we should hug the ones we love a little tighter and remind people that we love them.  Life still feels very surreal right now. It’s very raw, but I know that with God, my family will make it through this. After all, it’s not a bad thing getting to go home to the King of Kings.

 I love you Willie and I will forever miss you. 





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